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The Alexander Column and The State Hermitage MuseumThe Canova GalleryFilming Little PiotrovskyEriksen: Portrait of Catherine The Great on HorsebackThe General Staff Building & Triumphal Arch at duskDirector of Photography Maxim Tarasyugin and Margy KinmonthPortrait of Tsar Nicholas II slashed after the 1917 RevolutionIn The Costume DepartmentDegas: Place de la Concorde (detail)Director of Contemporary Art Dmitri Ozerkov and Margy KinmonthDa Vinci: Madonna Benois. Courtesy of The State Hermitage MuseumTom Conti recording the words of Pliny The ElderFilming Canova's The Three GracesRaphael: Madonna and Child (Madonna Conestabile)Semion Ivanov as Little PiotrovskyCaravaggio: The Lute PlayerFilming Curator of Western European Art Albert KostenevichRembrandt: Descent From The CrossSir Antony Gormley & Margy KinmonthThe Prodigal SonWindows of the Winter Palace

Hermitage Revealed trailerClick here to buy Hermitage Revealed on DVDThe State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world holding over 3 million treasures and boasting more curators than any other art institution. To mark the momentous occasion of its 250th anniversary the museum opened its doors for the filming of Hermitage Revealed – a cinematic event that is a must-see for all fans of art, architecture and the culture and history of Russia.

Hermitage Revealed takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the museum’s tumultuous history from imperial palace to state museum, and offers unprecedented access to special collections and exclusive areas that remain hidden from the public eye. The production brings together the oldest, the rarest, the most precious and the most closely guarded of Russia’s greatest treasures; items bought with great wealth or acquired by other means, items hoarded and saved from violent revolutionaries, items thought lost and later re-found – all works and their unique stories presented with an intimacy and immediacy that no museum or gallery experience can match. From Rembrandt to Russian masterpieces, from prehistoric artefacts to the private gemstone collection of Catherine The Great, from Michelangelo to Matisse and much, much more, the exquisite treasures the Hermitage has to offer are seemingly endless. Hermitage Revealed puts you right there amongst it all – exploring the art and revealing the human stories behind this great institution.

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Press Quotes

Hermitage film chronicles great museum’s turbulent history. Director recalls how institution has been shaped by wars, revolution and purges.
THE ART NEWSPAPER – 24 July 2014

Margy Kinmonth interviewed by Theodora Clarke:
“My films do have this sort of secret world aspect…. I have a natural curiosity to come, open doors and go backstage and see the workings of things.”
RUSSIAN ART & CULTURE – 15 August 2014

Inside this glittering labyrinth, the history of great art unfolds. Its vast trove of masterworks dwarfs other galleries. Now a documentary throws open the doors of the mighty Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.
THE TIMES – 16 August 2014

St. Petersburg is often portrayed as a character in Russian literature. And in this film the Hermitage is also shown as a character – a living, breathing entity playing a part in the country’s history.
VOICE OF RUSSIA UK – 19 August 2014

As the titles suggests, the film aims to give audiences an immersive experience – to provide them with privileged access to a museum that houses many of Russia’s greatest treasures and that has had a very colourful history from the time of Catherine The Great to the present day.
THE INDEPENDENT – 23 August 2014

Movie maker from London lays bare treasures of the Hermitage…and its cats
EVENING STANDARD8 September 2014

Superbly illustrated…Kinmonth hits pay dirt whenever she parts the crowds…allows us to gaze upon Rembrandt, Titian and Kandinsky…
THE GUARDIAN – 4 September 2014

Filmmaker Margy Kinmonth was given unprecedented access to the Hermitage Museum and discovered a world of extraordinary art, hidden from public view.


Hermitage Revealed — 5 Comments

  1. My first visit to the Hermitage was in 1981, it was February, snowing hard and minus 20 degrees.
    Thatcher was in power and the Russians had just invaded Afghanistan so there was a total travel boycott,
    but we went anyway, with the Tate CAS group. It was a slightly sinister atmosphere. I remember some of the group were curators, during our tour of the museum, they suddenly disappeared through a small secret door in the wall, leaving me all alone in the huge empty gold and marble palace.

  2. I visited the Hermitage in August 1974. It was baking hot and I remember how long it seemed to take to walk across the square from Admiralty Arch.
    Inside all was cool and serene on the ground floor, cool marble and acres of gold leaf. Margy’s film brought back so many memories from the automata to the argantuan urn. The strongest memory of all though was being alone in one of the impressionist galleries. The windows were open,and the white blinds were flapping in the welcome breeze. I was amazed to realise there was no glass protecting any of the paintings, and this allowed me to reach out and trace the brush strokes the artists had made, unforgettable (if with the hindsight of 40 more years probably wrong).

  3. Much enjoyed Hermitage Revealed which we saw recently at the Guggenheim. It was fascinating and illuminating. Loved the way the history was not in chronological order so that we came to Peter the Great after Catherine the Great. Just to congratulate you on a beautiful and beautifully made film. Would have liked to have known who the little boy was and whether he was the museum director’s grandson! Very nicely done and not overdone to have him running around.
    I visited the Hermitage last year and your film really made me want to visit again. Loved the vast expanse of it, the stunning collections (even Assyrian, which I am particularly fond of) and of course the Rembrandts and the modern collections on the upper floors – the Picassos, etc. Was fascinated to learn from your film how they came to be at the Hermitage. Also remember the fierce old ladies who ran the galleries and stubbornly refused to speak a word of English! Was nice to have the curators’ comments in the film.
    All in all an illuminating and beautifully made film.

  4. Dear Mr Andresen
    Thank you for your comment! The DVD Version of Hermitage Revealed is available to order through our webstore:
    We automatically send American customers the DVD in NTSC American line standard format.
    There are a couple of screenings of the film coming up in July in California. Please check in for dates and details nearer the time at http://www.hermitagerevealed.com
    Best wishes
    Maureen Murray

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